Friday 10 July 2020

Flipkart Video Fake Or Not Answers 11 July 2020 - Win Assured Rewards

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Question 1. Rinsing Nose With Saline Can Prevent Coronavirus?

Answer 1- FAKE

Question 2. Chawayanprakash Flavoured Ice Cream Available In Market?

Answer 2-Not Fake

Question 3. Gym Equipment Moves With Paranormal Forces?

Answer 3- Fake

Question 4. kartik aryan amitonto be an actor afer beakup?

Answer 4- Not Fake

Question 5. fedreal gov. giving 5000 rs ?

Answer 5- Fake

How To Play The Trivia?

1) Search Fake Or Not In Video/Flipkart Game Section in flipkart app, you can also play many games there.

2) The Daily Trivia Is open from 12:00AM IST to 11:59PM IST.
3) Answer all the questions correctly.
4) Win Minimum 10 Supercoins By Giving Answers Of Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz

Give Flipkart Video Fake Or Not Answers 11 July 2020 - Win Assured Rewards With Bhartiya Coupons